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Here are some of the featured Environmental Sustainability Projects across the Rotary world; Europe region, a global projectt portfolio, and examples from other chapters/regions being run by Rotary Clubs. You can also find ongoing projects where you can join. And partners, for example UNEP, where Rotary already have a cooperation.

If your club have an environmental project to share, please show the world what you have done and inspire other Rotary clubs to act.

Finally, you can find the instructions to how to apply for global grants.

So, welcome to navigating and explore what other chapters/regions have done. If you get inspired you can just copy and paste what other clubs has already done. The easiest way to get started.

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Projects in Europe





Projects outside Europe

So smuch good is happening around the Rotary world. Many environmental projects have already been completed, many are in progress and there are lots of ideas for new projects.

Just check out, we are convinced that you get inspired to act.

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ESRAG is uniquely placed to help facilitate the implementation of awesome projects around the world including our region here in Europe with 20 countries.

BUT…we NEED your help urgently.

Our first key step is to get as many Environmental Projects uploaded onto the system so we can showcase them similar to the Recycled Playgrounds Project to the right.

If you have any problems please contact us via the contact form

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Sharing project ideas, descriptions, and contact information in a searchable format facilitates and promotes Rotary partnerships.

Use the form below to add your project to the ESRAG website.

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    Thank you for sharing your project and ideas!

    Apply for Global Grants

    In June, 2020 the The Rotary Foundation Trustees and the Rotary International Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve the Environment as the seventh Area of Focus.  In January, 2021, they finalized the policy detailing the kinds of projects that will now become eligible for Global Grants. The Rotary Foundation will begin accepting grant proposals in July, 2021.  As the Foundation prepares to support the new Area of Focus, you can read an overview here.

    The Foundation has published Global Grant Policy guidelines, for the Area of the Focus for the Environment, which you can download the new policy  here.