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As an individual

As a club

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Take Action

Join us and TAKE ACTION to create a better world.

We are a small team of Rotarians who enthusiastically believe that individual actions can truly make a difference.

We also believe that Rotarians provides an unrivalled opportunity as changemakers to create substantial meaningful impact at a time that the world needs to heal.

So what can YOU do to take meaningful action?

Take Action as an Individual

You can be a changemaker

Do you have skills to offer ESRAG?  Whether you are a leader with a passion to share, or want to contribute as a part-time volunteer, or an expert, ESRAG has a place for you.


  • Become a supporting member and an ambassador to our mission
  • Check out our volunteer vacances (Länk)
  • Take environmental initiative in your club, for example initiate a project or inspire your club to start an environmental committee
  • Join projects in other Rotary clubs: Rotary Showcase (link to share your projects)

Take Action as a club

TAKE ACTION to create a better world.

The more clubs that act, the bigger difference we make.

Together we fix the planet.

There are so many inspiring meaningful projects already running and that YOUR CLUB just can copy paste?

Join an ongoing project

You can be a changemaker just by joining an ongoing project, as an individual or your club.

Save the Baltic Sea, BASRAN

Clubs around the Baltic Sea are invited to join the the BASRAN newtwork with the ambition of a joint efforts make difference for the sensitive and heavy polluted sea. Nine countries are involved where ….

End Plastic Soup


Assets to support

We would like to offer you a compleate toolbox in order to be able to act on different levels. Please check out…

The toolbox offer you:

  • Start the dialogue about environment and projects in your club
  • Increase insight and knowledge to all members via the Club program
  • Appoint a Committee for ”Protecting the Environment”Make a first easy environmental step where everyone can participate. Get inspiration here. (länk till project)

    If you need support don’t hesitate to contact us. We can guide you.


    Welcome to volunteer for us and to help ESRAG create a better world for future generations


    We need people with different competence in the environmental area, such as climate change, biodiversity, oceans, clean water etc. Reconstructing nature

    Projects Research Volunteers

    We need people to conduct desktop research and to contact Districts and Clubs to help us gather the details of existing projects that have positive impact on environmental sustainability

    Please contact David Dippie via our contact us form so he can discuss how best you might be able to help

    Content Writers

    We need people to help craft the messages for our Blog and Social Media

    Please contact Ted Waghorne/Rob Anderson via our contact us form so we can discuss how best you might be able to help

    Social Media Marketers

    We need people to help set up and run our presence on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin so we spread the word about our work and events.

    Please contact Rob Anderson via our contact us form so he can discuss how best you might be able to help

    Website Support

    Our new website is built on WordPress. We need somne support in helping upload projects to the site. It’s not so difficult, sop you don’t need to be a techie, we can provide the training to make it easy for you.

    Please contact Rob Anderson via our contact us form so he can discuss how best you might be able to help.